Along the Tracks

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tracks reach the station

After 4 1/2 years, Along the Tracks has reached a new destination.

Readers have undoubtedly noted the increasing periods between posts here, and most probably also recognize the reason: and its blog, Newshound, take up most of my time and eat up most of my writing.

I kept this blog active for the past year to hold my quick thoughts on national and world issues, as opposed to Newshound, which has been focused on local and state news. Unfortunately, a separation on the web results in a separation in the mind, and often I do not get over to Tracks to update, even though I often have some thoughts to post.

In the meantime, has grown by leaps and bounds. I recently hired a full-time salesperson to spearhead the business side, and now plan to devote even more of my time to the success of Northwest Ohio's New Media pioneer. To make a full-service site competitive and complementary with other news outlets, I need to include more national/world issues and commentary. Therefore, from this point forward, all my blog posting will be done at the Newshound. National/world-issue posts will be placed inside their own category, to simplify searching for those commentaries for my many, many loyal readers who have followed Along the Tracks all these years.

I wish to thank you, the reader, for your support and strongly encourage you to bookmark Newshound, where you can continue to enjoy (or be upset by, as the case may be) the rantings of this small-town Ohio country editor.

It all pretty much looks the same in Google Reader, anyway :-)
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