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Monday, April 24, 2006

Osama declares war yet again

In his latest tape, Osama bin Laden declares war on United Nations peacekeepers who might be sent to intervene in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Since this is only the 10,000th time the al Qaeda leader has “declared war” on this or that particular nation, ethnic group, religion, Islamic faction, political organization or business, I won’t hold my breath waiting for all those who want us to “live in peace” with the chief murderer of 9/11 to suddenly change their minds and join in the fight.

Darfur has seen nearly 200,000 innocent villagers killed and over a million driven from their homes. Why?

Because they are black.

The Sudanese government and its paramilitary “janjaweed” militias are Arab racists on jihad, killing primarily other Muslims in the name of Islam. The world has allowed this horrific violence to continue for nearly three years now, unwilling to put any soldiers between the guns and helicopters of the attackers and the unarmed and now homeless black families in Darfur.

The Bush administration has led the call for international action on this issue, as with many others which are part of the war on Islamic militants. Most of the world has turned away. The U.S., of course, is rather occupied with Iraq, Afghanistan and the increasing threat of Iran. So instead of “going it alone,” Bush has sought an international solution.
Unfortunately, as soon as countries like France, Canada, Germany and Belgium are called upon to protect lives, they dither, delay and block. More civilians die.

A “peacekeeping” breakthrough finally appears near for Darfur. Will bin Laden’s threat awaken these lethargic allies to the global menace of Islamic fascism – or will it scare them away from involvement yet again?

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