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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Joe Lieberman in the hot seat

With former Democratic bogeyman Zell Miller no longer serving in the Senate, it appears the wackier side of the party's leadership has found a new enemy in their ranks to target: Joe Lieberman.

Frankly, I wonder what took them so long.

Long-time readers know my respect and admiration for the good senator from Connecticut, stretching back long before the war, before his campaign as Al Gore's running mate and before he condemned Clinton for turning the White House into a frat house. My first mention of Lieberman in a commentary, if memory serves, was during the welfare reform debate, when the senator demonstrated his sensibility, compassion and conservatism by advocating an end to the culture of dependency which was destroying families and hopes for the future.

For those who write me claiming I am some brainwashed partisan robot getting orders from Karl Rove, Joe Lieberman is a Democrat I would not only vote for, but support in any way my humble means and skills could provide if he were the nominee for president - or ran as an independent.

The latter becomes more likely with each passing day. The only other possibility for another shot at the national ticket for Joe is probably as the running mate for the Republican nominee.

In the meantime, the Democratic leadership is showing once again that a) it has no tolerance for voices of dissent within its ranks, b) it considers opposition to Bush in all matters as its litmus test for party support and c) it would rather lose the war in Iraq than suffer through another two years of Republican control of Congress.

Absolutely shameful.

Lieberman's differences with other Democratic leadership might be deeper than surface appearances. The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog seem to indicate that Lieberman listens to his spirit while leftists hate spiritual solutions.
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