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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Iraqi insurgent 'lists'?

I just read a post from Iraq the Model (presented at Pajamas Media) with some predictions for the upcoming Iraqi election.

The stunner for me - insurgent groups in Anbar Province have candidates on their own "lists." The money quote:

Anbar: If violence doesn’t disrupt the election, I expect the 9 seats of this province to be distributed between al-Mutlaq, National Accord Front and some local lists that represent the insurgents.

This is incredible news, and it seems quite plain, GOOD news. Insurgent groups choosing to enter the political arena are likely to become involved in the mundane tasks of governing - and withdraw from a battle which they recognize can be fought with words rather than guns and bombs. What's more, if they do indeed win some seats, the popular support for the insurgency will drift away from violence and toward politics and, ultimately, accommodation.

Getting the general Sunni population to accept the legitimacy of democratic elections was a monumental step toward winning the Iraq War. Actually getting insurgents to participate was probably more than most observers (this one included) could have hoped for.

How many of you have learned about this from the mainstream media?



Another Sunni Muslim politician who claims to have contacts with insurgent groups said Saturday that some of its members will run next month, and he gave their demands and conditions to start peace talks with U.S. forces.

AP, Nov 13

It wouldn't kill you to read the whole thing.

I'm glad you pointed out I should "read the whole thing" - your pull-out came in paragraph 25 (out of 28 total). The story, of course, is nearly a month old.

Not exactly proclaiming from the rooftops these important shifts among some Sunni insurgents, eh?

I'm glad you have such a long memory and are such a patient reader - but can the same be said for folks still relying on the mainstream media?

My point stands.
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