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Friday, November 25, 2005

Eating, drinking to death

The "Camp Casey II" protesters are back out at President Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch, this time to mock the Iraqi civilians dying every day.


The protesters - clearly not "anti-war," just supporting the other side, to paraphrase Glenn Reynolds - decided to hold a "Thanksgiving" meal with traditional Iraqi foods. What precisely was this symbolism meant to entail? After all, the terrorists the United States and its allies are battling target innocent Iraqis far more than anyone else. If the U.S. were to pull out now (while the Iraqi security forces are still getting trained), there would be no one to hold back the bloody tide of carnage. Eating Iraqi foods in safety and relative comfort while Iraqi families worry whether their children will make it home for dinner at all or will be blown to bits by al Qaeda is a cruel joke that could only be made by the heartless.

If the protesters truly cared about Iraqi civilians, they would be working to find ways to make the new Iraqi government succeed, not undercut its allies abroad. The "unity" they are demonstrating is clearly with the terrorists.

I continue to stand by everyone's right to speak and protest, but I will also exercise my right to point out the falseness of the message the worst of these activists proclaim, the insidious treachery against our own country they back with their words and demonstrations and the inhumane disregard for the lives of other people upon which they base their selfish goals.

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