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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Check it out

Open Source Media is now up and running, with news and blogging from across the political spectrum, edited by a number of those on the cutting edge of of the New Media. It's sharp, easy to follow and gives a nice mix of viewpoints. As blogging becomes an enterprise of millions, it can be hard to keep track of who is writing what - and whether or not I (or you) need bother reading it.

Technorati is a nice advance in blog searching if you know the subject you want to read, but if you want to be surprised by something great - well, good luck winding your way through the thicket. As a newspaper man, I have a special appreciation for the role of editor. That position is one of trust, earned by those who collect the best and most interesting journalism, commentary, graphics and photos, then present it to a specified audience - a segment of the population the editor must understand well to serve.

OSM's use of insightful editors to find the most important and best blog work is a move toward more structured journalism on the web. I like to think my own is similar progress toward the "next phase" of the New Media. OSM is international in scope; my own focus is on the six counties of extreme Northwest Ohio. Both sites seek - rely on, really - the participation of the vast armies of citizen journalists. If you want to be a part of this revolution, visit OSM - and - regularly, comment on blog posts, send us your tips and photos and tell your friends and (if you have a blog) those who visit your site about our efforts.

Join the revolution!

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