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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The rope-a-dope continues

Sen. "Dirty" Harry Reid impresses me more each day when it comes to the Harriet Miers nomination. Democrats are falling in line, even giving background interviews to bolster the president's choice with praise for her and some sharp criticism of conservative outrage. This will only serve to embolden the White House and throw fuel on the burning anger of conservatives.

Exactly as Harry planned it.

Wherever you fall in the political spectrum or concerning the Miers nomination specifically, you've got to appreciate the strategy, tactics and execution by Reid so far. In fact, he may be too successful here: Democrats need a vote on Miers, with Republicans ultimately defeating her, to maximize their win. A withdrawn nomination, followed by the choice of someone who really fires up conservatives (favorably, that is) would mitigate a great deal of the damage Bush is enduring.

It's a matter of inches for Reid. Can he hold things to the last round before he delivers the knockout punch?

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