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Friday, September 16, 2005

Let freedom ring

It's good to see that Michelle Malkin's fine coverage of the Flight 93 memorial fiasco has paid off, and the architect will be adjusting the "Crescent of Embrace" to avoid creating a monument to the Islamic terrorists, rather than the heroes who stopped them. That's a start.

The other central feature of this proposed memorial was to be 40 wind chimes, in honor of the passengers and crew of Flight 93.

Don't get me wrong - I like wind chimes. We have four or five different sets hanging around the house and flower gardens. They are peaceful and pretty.

September 11 was not peaceful and pretty; neither was the action taken by Todd Beamer and co. against those hijackers. But it was a pivotal day, and theirs was a pivotal moment, in the narrative of American freedom.

As long as we're "adjusting" the Flight 93 memorial, I have a suggestion: Change the wind chimes into big Liberty Bell replicas, each bearing the name of a passenger or crew member, along with Beamer's immortal words, "Let's roll!" They should be together in a line, and rung by an honor guard every day at the precise time when that brave group of Americans won the first battle in the War on Terrorism.

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I don't read Michelle very often so I wasn't aware of this. However I generally take issue with the way most memorials are done. I guess the issue is what do they exactly want to remember then they should go from there. Like the vietnam war memorial, that one is simple in design yet has such an impact.
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