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Sunday, July 24, 2005

How low can they go?

On the outskirts of Cincinnati, a family mourning over the loss of their son to injuries he sustained in Iraq awoke the day after the funeral to find a pile of American flags burning under their car.

Have we reached the point where flag-burning, spitting on soldiers, vandalizing the homes of mourning mothers, wives and children - all these are acceptable forms of protest to the left?

The negative depiction of our soldiers in the media and the gleeful attacks on the war effort by liberals (like Dick Durbin) who are crowned "mainstream" by people already far to the left have heated the atmosphere to the point where some fools think cruelty and violence are justified. I am not blaming Durbin and his like, I am merely pointing out that when you call our soldiers "Nazis," some idiots will think those soldiers and their families no longer deserve respect as human beings. People in public positions particularly need to be responsible. Irresponsibility, more than politics or war, is what has divided this nation.

ADDENDUM: When we look back on this war in 40 or 50 years, when most of today’s leaders – the president, the congressmen, cabinet members, the generals – have passed to their final rest, we will be able to see more clearly the damage so many on the left have delivered to this country, and how their outrageous statements extended the war, poisoned our victories and polarized us at a time we needed to unite. Some have done it for ego. Many have done it purely for short-term political gain. They will be remembered with disgust.

UPDATES: First, thanks to the Instapundit for the link. Second, Jeff Goldstein has even more on irresponsibility and how it is hurting us in the war effort (courtesy Instapundit, of course!). Finally, those visiting for the first time are invited to poke around here for awhile, and to check out, my brand-spanking new local news portal site. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions and criticism always welcome.

This is horrifying news. I cannot imagine the depravity it would take to show such a profound disrespect to the man, his family, his beliefs, his country, his flag...
Please tell me this did not happen. Im having a little trouble understanding who did do it.
Are you saying that someone who listened to Durbin or anyone else took the idea that these people should have this act brought upon them?
Have things gone that far? Are people just going nut's?
This is beyond common sence. I just hope, and Im sure there is, that an investigation is continuing.
Please keep us updated.

C. Webster Rose
If people such as the Rev. Fred Phelps and the rest of his sick bunch can come out and protest and say "thank God for IED's" at soldiers funerals, then its no surprise that something like this could happen.

This isn't something you can use to just point a finger at the Left as the cause of all evil in the world. There are just as many right-wing moonbats too. The people to blame are extremists of any stripe.

I agree with the point of your comment, though it is not an equal proportion. What I would like to point out is that you don't get to pin Fred Phelps on the right just because like some right wingers he is anti homosexual. Phelps is a Democrat and prior to his turning on Bill Clinton over gays in the military he was one in fairly good standing. He ran for office and actively campaigned for Democrats including Bill Clinton.

I say this not to slam the left or Democrats, but to point out just because people hold a particualr view on one subject it means little about how they feel on others. Many consevatives and libertarians support gay rights and many liberals and leftists are racist homophobes.
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Actually, Lance, had you taken a moment to do a simple google web search, you would have found that the Westboro Baptist Church put out a flier for an organized protest at Tim's funeral. I've taken the liberty of including it here so that you can find it easier...

-A 64th MP Co Wife (yes, the same company as Hines) who misses her husband dearly
Search this thing - it is hilarious how people cant even spell right when they are selling something on eBay
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