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Monday, June 20, 2005

Accusation going Down(ing)

All the controversery surrounding those supposedly incriminating "Downing Street Memos" almost rates up there with a "Simpsons" episode for entertainment value.

Thanks to Captain's Quarters for pulling the salient info together.

So, let's see ... a group of congressmen appoint themselves to a fake committee to investigate impeachment based on faked evidence.

Perhaps the most laughable aspect of this sorry episode is the fact the memos "reveal" nothing which wasn't already known - and known by anyone actually following events and statements at the time. Bush was already preparing for war in the summer of '02? Big surprise. Bush doubted a political solution had any real hope? What a shock! The weapons of mass destruction argument was based on limited intelligence, and the urgency was due to a new realization of threats to the West after 9/11? Say it ain't so!

Who in their right mind didn't understand all the above during that summer? The Senate was holding hearings, Bush was meeting with world leaders and his "war council" at the Texas ranch and the president was speaking out on Iraq at almost every opportunity, saying Saddam must immediately comply with all U.N. resolutions. Who needs the "Downing Street memos" to "reveal" what was in plain view for all?

The whacked-out left, that's who.

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