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Thursday, April 21, 2005

'Stingy' Americans pony up

Fellow blogger Chuck Simmons has been closely following America’s charitable response to the December 2004 tsunamis - particularly after several Eurocrats, United Nations’ pencil-pushers and, yes, even some left-wingers here criticized the United States’ response as something less than generous - “stingy,” was the word, as I recall.

According to Simmons, private American donations to the tsunami relief effort now total over $1 billion. This won’t be reported in the mainstream media, of course, because those critics don’t care how much is actually provided for relief. They only want to see federal government funding. Private efforts don’t matter to the media.
Fortunately, those efforts do matter to the people who need the help. The efforts of private Americans have been the backbone of recovery on the Indian Ocean rim where the disaster occurred.

Thanks, America! (And thanks, Chuck!)

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