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Monday, February 23, 2004

Gavin Newsom: User

Regardless of where you stand on the entire gay marriage question, it should be clear to most everyone that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is a political shark. His ambition for a national stage is only matched by his cruelty, using the sincere emotions of desperate people (again, however you feel about the specifics) as a springboard.

There are many routes Mr. Newsom could have chosen in an honest effort to achieve what he claims to believe. Instead, he trampled on those he “supports,” short-circuiting open debate and likely causing a backlash against the concept of same-sex unions. Those who are “married” will quickly find their hopes dashed in court - and how many other demagogues also will now use their positions of power, declaring by fiat all sorts of things are now legal: Drugs? Tax evasion? Public land grabs?

To me, the question of abuse of power here is precisely the same as that raised by Judge Roy Moore last year in Alabama. Moore (who placed a monument to the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court atrium then refused to remove it despite a court order and failed appeals) should have accepted the rulings of higher authorities, and worked to change the system by public persuasion. Instead, he broke the law.

How is what Mr. Newsom has done in any way different? Why doesn’t the media point that out?

’Rate’ just one minute!

I was scrolling through Kausfiles for the first time in quite a while, and ran across this link about John Kerry getting a “second take” on a sound bite for CBS. It just so happens that this event occurred in the southwest Ohio city of Dayton, and Patrick Healy of the Boston Globe sets the scene by noting Kerry found a welcome audience:

“John F. Kerry, wrangling with rival John Edwards over jobs and trade in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, arrived in this city with 26 percent unemployment yesterday and scored some political points off the Bush administration -- though not quite in slam-dunk fashion.”

Did you catch that unemployment rate? TWENTY-SIX PERCENT!!!

I simply could not believe that was accurate - I doubt there are too many coal towns in southeast Ohio that have unemployment over 20 percent - so I checked it out. The December 2003 rate for Dayton (latest figure available) was 5.4 percent. That is about ONE-FIFTH the rate claimed in the Globe article. It’s also six tenths of a percentage point below the statewide average.

But, of course, the Globe didn’t have any reason to check out that little stat. After all, in this “horrible economy,” Ohio is a case study for massive layoffs and general misery.

So not only does the story chronicle liberal media bias favoring the Kerry campaign (the quote do-over) - it is an example of liberal media bias in general. How efficient!

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