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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Johanek on Christmas

Now that I've dropped out of Warp 10, I have a chance to glance through some things I missed in the last month. Among them, a bounty of liberal blather courtesy of The Blade.

In particular, Marilou Johanek couldn't let the holidays pass without self-righteously spewing her bile on family get-togethers. You can always count on Marilou to find the dark side of human relationships, and even love seems fragile and enshrouded in her depiction of "cold, ink-black silent nights." She tries to salvage a little humanity with a hold-dear-those-you-love moment, but it comes across as painful and hopeless. Very nice.

I don't want to fisk the whole thing, but this line was just perfect Marilou: "More than 400 family members lost in the invasion and occupation of Iraq will never celebrate another Christmas."

If Marilou understands Christmas as a Christian celebration, she should also understand those who have passed on are celebrating the Ultimate Gift continuously in the presence of the Giver. If she thinks death is the end - then why on earth bring Christmas into the discussion at all?

Anticipating the likely criticism for my above comments, I am not questioning Marilou's faith or her patriotism - only her writing ability.

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