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Monday, December 15, 2003

I was wrong - but I’m glad!

I was pretty certain Saddam Hussein was killed in that first night of the war, and wrote with that assumption several times. However, with his capture Saturday, it clear the rat got away from our bombers. And while I certainly wouldn’t mourn his death, I am glad we took him alive.

First of all, I want the Iraqi people to have the chance to lay bare all of Saddam’s crimes against that long-suffering nation. It will be cathartic for them, and valuable for those in the world still calling America’s military action “criminal” - they need to see what that word really means.

Second, I’m glad Saddam was taken alive because that should put to rest this ridiculous assumption going around that America’s military just goes in guns a-blazin’, not caring who gets killed. Commentators regularly debate whether or not the military “should” take this or that terrorist alive or not, as if this is some decision from above. Our military has displayed such professionalism, such care, in all the extremely difficult situations in which we place it - how dare people nonchalantly toss around the idea that our young men will simply shoot someone, armed or not, based on some policy decision from the president.

The men and women of our armed forces have done us proud in this, as with everything else.

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