Along the Tracks

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Changes a-comin’

For yours truly, that is. Bryan Publishing has tentatively agreed to purchase Napoleon Inc., owner of The Northwest Signal in Napoleon, Ohio. I will be very involved in the day-to-day news operation there, as well as continuing my duties in Montpelier, Ohio, as managing editor of The Leader Enterprise. Yes, I’ll still be writing my weekly column for The Bryan Times as well. The new duties have brought an unexpected windfall: A company car to replace the Subaru!

My friend and business partner, Mike Nix, and I are also moving forward on the purchase and operation of Living Today, a seasonal newspaper focused on health, family and women’s issues. Things are looking very positive there, too. I’ll keep you updated.

Those who enjoy initiating daily scalp-scratching by reading my generally lengthy posts - can you really call this “blogging”? - should know that I will continue to spew forth verbal pyroplastic eruptions like some spruce-bearded, conservative-libertarian volcano.

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