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Friday, October 03, 2003

Nice to be noticed

Thanks to Rorschach, who just e-mailed this link from World, a news magazine that touts its Christian perspective.

Mindy Belz takes up my challenge and does some research to answer the questions I posted last Friday. Some of the answers are a little vague - that’s to be expected, as Iraq is still a confusing and contradictory place, just six months after the war. The point I tried to make - and the point Mindy Belz got - is that most of the media seem afraid to ask difficult questions, for fear that the answers might support the course of action we took in Iraq. Belz asks those questions anyway, and as I suggested in my original post, some support my view of things, some do not.

Nevertheless, I’m better off knowing - and you are, too. Read the whole thing.

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