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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Blackwell validated

Full disclosure required: I really think a lot of Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s Secretary of State, and hope he’s the next Buckeye governor.

Now, for the news portion of this post: If find it absolutely fascinating that more and more (scroll to Wed., Sept. 17) people are questioning the accuracy and, even more importantly, security of direct recording electronic systems. Those systems, of course, are the ones Blackwell leans against for Ohio, preferring instead a paper-ballot, optical scanner system, which has actual, real ballots that can be checked by humans and even hand counted, if necessary.

Blackwell’s endured a fair amount of heat for both his unhurried study of systems and his preferred choice, which many critics claim leaves Ohio “behind the curve in technology.” From what I’ve seen, he did the job he was elected to do - assure fair and accurate elections statewide. If the technology of direct recording electronic systems is not yet proven, it makes no sense to spend millions on them, only to have some quirk - or intentional fraud - occur which throws the results of an entire election into question. Maybe touchscreens and other electronic technologies will one day be part of a system proven both secure and accurate. Until that occurs, we should stick with systems that can be monitored separate from the machine taking the votes.

Nice job, Ken.

THANKS to Instapundit and Kaus for several links.

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