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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Local economy improving

The anecdotal evidence has become rather strong in the past couple months - northwest Ohio’s economy is growing again. I’ve heard about local companies looking to expand, and new manufacturers looking at the area to build or take over existing facilities. One rumor has a 400-person-plus employer considering a Williams County spot.

The evidence is now starting to show up in the numbers. University of Toledo economist Paul Kozlowski has been doing an index of economic indicators for the Toledo and area economy for several years now, and his figures are now showing consistent, impressive gains.

The Blade has the story today - but hides it back in the business section. It would seem to me that after nearly four years of decline in manufacturing locally, this would be a big story, worthy of investigation and multiple source points of view. Then again, this is the Blade we are talking about.

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