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Thursday, July 10, 2003

NYT at it again

The “front page” photo on the New York Times website is one of excited Botswanans shaking hands with President Bush, and Bush returning their enthusiasm with a glowing smile. The caption is much chillier: “A Greeting in Botswana: President Bush’s visit has ruffled a few feathers in the African nation’s normally calm political scene.”

Gosh, was it something Bush said? Is it the mere presence of this unilateralist cowboy? What has “ruffled feathers”?

You’ve got me. The article to which the photo is linked is a fairly detailed AP story about the Botswana visit, Botswana as a nation, the AIDS/HIV crisis, and the rest of Bush’s Africa trip. There are a couple paragraphs on Liberia. But unless my lack of sleep has damaged the comprehension areas of my cerebral cortex, there is not a word about “ruffled feathers” in the whole article!

My guess is the “ruffled feathers” are inside the liberal newsroom, as these people watch Bush accomplish what Clinton only talked about.

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