Along the Tracks

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Go Locos!

Thanks to all readers for generous helpings of patience the past week-plus. Let's see ... the Montpelier 3200 relay team makes state, the baseball team gets into the regional finals, the governor visits, the baseball team makes state, your's truly cracks a joke to Rev. Tilly and ends up moderating this weekend's Bible quiz bowl at the Youth Day - all in all a pretty busy time at The Leader! I'm hoping to have a chance to post a couple things tomorrow, but in the meantime, shouldn't you be getting to the good luck rally in Hendricks' field? Around 7 to 7:30 p.m., to my understanding. And for those planning ahead, Jim and Jason are set for coverage at state for the baseball team, and Cindy Shoup has been kind enough to take some photos of the track team in Dayton Friday - next week's paper promises to be chock full of Locomotive Pride!!!!

Good luck to all the young men competing at state who have already made this town so proud, and congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, families and supporters for all of Montpelier's sports squads, boy and girl, year round, which have had such great success - and thanks for adding so much to our community!

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