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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Carpal crap

Scientific studies continue to prove (link via Mickey Kaus) computer-induced carpal tunnel syndrome is a myth - and a very popular one, at that. Of course, science can’t possibly stand in the way of a good storyline for the liberal, statist agenda, so the excuses for why nearly every study has shown this computer-carpal tunnel syndrome link is a fallacy are already being suggested: study was too short; didn’t break down people into “vulnerable” segments; too little computer usage; no break down for mouse usage.

More studies will be done, of course, and most likely they will show exactly what almost every other study has shown. The connection is as mythical as a unicorn.

Paging Mr. Rove

Well, my suggestion that there could be some political advantages for the Bush administration not to rush release of Iraqi weapons discoveries could be proven out in the coming days. John Kerry has now basically called Bush a liar over the whole argument for war. Kerry is the most dangerous candidate in the present Democratic field, because he can not only win among the Dems (Lieberman can’t), but he can potentially put forward a strong general election thrust, insulated from security-based criticisms due to both his veteran status and his vote for the Iraq war. His Wednesday statement (”He misled every one of us.”) puts him out on the “thin ice” I talked about two weeks ago. When the weapons discovery is announced (and I remain certain this is coming soon), Kerry goes crashing down with the rest of the those calling the Bush administration a batch of liars. So much for his presidential ambitions.

I can’t wait to watch it happen.

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