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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Al Gore Rhythm

That looks like a bad joke (maybe even a little frightening), but in fact, it seems like a good way to describe the process our former veep is using to fight conservative voices in the media.

He really began last fall, just before his withdrawal from the presidential candidate pool and disappearance to an undisclosed (and unsought after) location. If you’ll recall, Al was bemoaning the “fifth column” of conservative media, and how Rush Limbaugh and Fox News were mesmerizing stupid, hapless Americans into believing crazy notions like standing up for their values, keeping more of their own paychecks, etc.

Well, after a six-month hibernation (is the beard back?), Al Gore has returned to start phase two of the “tiny, short-sighted left-wing conspiracy.” That’s right. Al wants his own “news” network, this one unabashedly liberal.

My question - the same question asked by Rush, Sean Hannity and countless other conservative media observers - is this: How will anyone tell it apart from CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, NPR, CNN and MSNBC? The “liberal broadcast media” niche seems a little full already. How will Al make it successful as a business?

Oh, there’s my mistake. Al’s not thinking business, he’s thinking platform. He’s got a lot more pull than, say, Bill Moyers among the blinkered do-gooder crowd. He’ll just have liberal foundations line up to pay for his little non-enterprise. Maybe he can even team up with Moyers! Wouldn’t that teach the conservative blowhards! Of course, there is the question of actually getting and keeping an audience ... oh well, I’m sure he can worry about such “details” later.

What to call this new media behemoth? Since it’s likely to follow the principle of foundation support, just like public broadcasting, a similar moniker would seem t be in order. With PBS, the public supposedly directs the enter operation through “viewer support,” but this new network would be all Gore-supported, through and through. Hmmm.

I know, why not call it “Al-BS”? I even have a promo: “Al BS, all the time!”

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