Along the Tracks

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Getting it

This Associated Press story about Arab reaction is - surprise! - far more balanced than the “disillusion” spin given by both broadcast and online reports by the BBC. The most evident emotion is confusion; after all, the Arab media was parroting Iraqi propaganda, so they thought Iraq was winning. Now, the lies are being laid bare. More will come.

I especially appreciated the understanding shown by a doctor in Lebanon:
“I don’t like the idea of having the Americans here, but we asked for it,” he said. “Why don’t we see the Americans going to Finland, for example? They come here because our area is filled with dictatorships like Saddam’s.”

Those feelings weren’t universal, by any means, but they were substantial, particularly among the educated interviewed. As we build a free, pluralistic society in Iraq (and just as importantly, in Palestine), the underlying mistrust of the United States will be replaced by a longing for similar political engagement.

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