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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Those evil behind-the-scenes organizers

How can a person do anything but laugh when the New York Times’ Paul Krugman comes out with a column like this questioning the true motives of the Rallies for America which have been sweeping across the country the last couple weeks?

I’m a big fan of radio host Glenn Beck, so I, like millions across the country, know exactly who has organized these rallies - because we’ve heard it all on the air (a point Glenn made this morning). The first rally was organized by a local radio station, which invited Glenn to come speak and fire up the audience. It was a big success (surprise!), so other stations did the same thing, putting together rally dates and locations at which Glenn could appear.

Ah, but to the liberal media, there just had to be something sinister about the rallies. Into their collective minds we delve: Let’s see ... Glenn Beck is a syndicated talk show host - AHA! He’s a conservative! He must be doing this to strengthen Bush politically. What else .... he’s syndicated by Clear Channel Communications, a horrible media titan - AHA! Corporate interests! The sleazy connection between Republicans and media conglomerates is up to its old back-scratching!!!

Oh puh-leeez! First, the entire series of rallies has been promoted directly by Glenn Beck on his show - not much of a “hidden agenda” there. Second, the original rally was organized by a station not owned by Clear Channel, so at best, Clear Channel stole the idea very late in the game - or more likely, there’s no organized “idea” or plan behind the events, other than to give voice to the overwhelming majority of people who favor disarming Saddam Hussein. Finally, why is it sinister for a media company - which relies on audience share and the good graces of the public to be successful - to latch on to a cause that’s popular among (by latest polls) 75 percent of the American people?

Still, the worst part of all this finger-shaking by the liberal media is its shere hypocrisy. After all, the “peace” marches are organized by International ANSWER, a front group for International Action, a front group for the Workers World Party, also known as the Stalinist wing of the Communist Party. You’ve got at least three layers of obscurity in the “peace” movement, and the few interviewers who have done their jobs and asked these protesters who organized the events have found the vast majority possess not a clue. I would hardly say the Communist organizers are peace-seeking people, yet that is never, NEVER, the story when the marchers hit the streets with their vitriol. I don’t think you could have more proof of the media’s liberal tilt than by comparing how it has handled these parallel stories.

And anyway, I’d rather march under the banner of Clear Channel than Communism. After all, Josef Stalin killed 25 million people himself (I won’t try to tally the world-historical totals of Communist-inflicted death, but 50 million would be a very conservative estimate). How many graves lie at the feet of Clear Channel?

P.S. - This is also a stark example of the liberals’ lowest-common-denominator: When you lose the argument, switch to baseless accusations and name-calling.

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