Along the Tracks

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Note to regular readers

Back in December, I decided to start a little feature called “Condensed version.” Each day, I went through the regions newspapers (and the Washington Post, always tops on the list) scouring the editorial pages for particularly interesting or entertaining opinion pieces.

I’ve decided to suspend CV - or at least do it only on occasions when there actually are a fair number of good op-eds out there. Frankly - not trying to be arrogant here, just honest - most days it is a real stretch to find five “should-reads,” let alone “must-reads.”

I still think it’s important to provide you with the Great Lakes point of view, however, so I’ll still be looking for the best pieces. I’ll probably comment on them at more length, as well as linking to them. I just won’t be rounding them up into the “Condensed version” posts anymore. Good idea? Bad idea? Let me know.

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