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Monday, March 24, 2003

Holdin’ down the fort

Just lil’ ol’ me here at The Leader office today and Tuesday, so pretty light blogging likely.

War thoughts ... patience, patience, don’t let the round-the-clock news coverage suck you in. Wars are not won in four days or a week or even a month. The quicker the better, of course, but we need to be realistic here; too much of a rush could cost American lives, and that’s a price I’m not willing to pay, personally - at least if the only reason is “speed.” We can wait out the stragglers in Basra and Nasaryeh as long as necessary, and it Baghdad, why fight house to house when the regime itself is crumbling? I say let it crumble, then go in to “mop up” any remnants.

It is truly amazing how few casualties have come, despite this war being a ground-based operation from the start. I keep hearing the more pessimistic commentators claiming maybe our intelligence “wasn’t so good,” that we’ve walked into these ambushes. From what I’ve seen and heard, all this was precisely what we expected - no major organized resistance, just some treacherous Republican Guard troops and some paramilitary Ba’ath Party loyalists until we reach Baghdad. Then, we’ll just have to see how much fight those Guard forces have around the capital.

Still, all of this is going to take time. So, come this Friday or so, when you hear Peter Jennings start talking about the “desert quagmire” we’re in, don’t believe it.

UPDATE: This is exactly what I’m talking about.

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