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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Daschle alert!

Events in the showdown with Iraq have been set in motion. I say this not only based on the president’s forthright statement last night, but on a quantum indicator, a “spooky action at a distance” (to quote Einstein) event that portends something major within the next couple days: Sen. Tom Daschle has made a statement to the press.

Daschle has this uncanny ability to blurt out “concerns” - always without alternative options answering the problem in question - just before his very criticism is plainly demonstrated by events to be either false or irrelevant.

Yesterday - before the Bush speech, it should be noted - Daschle blamed the crisis and nearly inevitable war with Iraq on ... you guessed it, George W. Bush. Daschle said Bush “failed so miserably” at diplomacy that America stands at the brink of war. The Democratic Minority Leader did not offer any alternatives to the process the Bush administration and our allies, Great Britain and Spain, could have followed for a different ending to the Security Council debate. And most importantly (and this goes for most critics who cite the supposed “diplomatic failures”), Daschle did not explain how any form of diplomatic maneuvering would have avoided war, considering the 12-year-proven fact that Saddam will not give up his weapons willingly. “Unwillingly” means the use of force, ultimately. If the use of force is inevitable, what exactly does delay achieve.

No answer from the clueless prophet Tom.

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