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Monday, March 17, 2003

Crucial moment

It’s been quite a day at The Leader (and out on Road K - you don’t wanna know!), so I haven’t had much time to put together a crackerjack post.

Nevertheless, today is such an important day for the world, so much is happening so quickly. Some rapid-fire thoughts:

  • The diplomatic game was over last week when France made clear it would veto anything that had the word “Iraq” in it. The president was right to call the French on their destructive posturing. The next resolution we ought to request is one ordering France out of the Ivory Coast. Let’s see how they come down on that one.

  • Turkey is suddenly accepting U.S. troop staging. That’s good, I guess, but I sure hope we have not sold out the Kurds for this courtesy. The troops in question will have little or no use in the coming conflict, but they will be able to secure Kurdistan from Iraqi reprisals and Turkish occupation. Some are probably already passing through Turkey right now.

  • I await, with everyone else, tonight’s statement by the president. I’ve heard an ultimatum of as much as three days will be given. I hope not. We all know Saddam is not going to step down unless he has a stroke or something. An ultimatum would only serve to set up a “pre-emptive” strike by Saddam against our forces, the Kurds, or - most likely - Israel. Why give him that chance? He’s had 12 years, for goodness’ sake. It’s OVER!

  • May God protect our troops, those of our allies, innocent people throughout the region and inside Iraq, and people around the world confronting terror, aggression and evil.

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