Along the Tracks

Monday, March 03, 2003

Condensed version

The Washington Post is rightly skeptical about the Bush administration’s excuses for not offering estimates on the costs of a war, and continuing to push for a huge tax cut which will increase deficits according to White House projections.

The Dayton Daily News says “Cool it!” to Rep. Tom Delay for his “appeasement” slur against anti-war Democrat Howard Dean, but inexplicably claims liberals have not used equivalent slurs against “hawks” - “No blood for oil!” anyone?

The Detroit News has a “hopeful” piece on the prospects of peace in the Middle East.

The Cincinnati Post has some harsh words for Vladimir Putin and his threatened Russian veto of the second Iraq resolution in the U.N.

The Toledo Blade - reclaiming its title as one of America’s worst newspapers - criticizes the Patriot Act, claiming that if the British had similar laws at the time of the American Revolution, the original patriots might have been in danger of arrest - in fact, the British had far more stringent laws, and the original patriots were hunted and often arrested, because they were fostering a revolution against the government, even though we agree with their cause (p.s. - they didn’t typically use the blunt instrument of terrorism against civilians). Do the Blade’s editor’s possess a history book? I already knew they have no references on “logic.”

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