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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Interesting overview

Take a look at the comments in the BBC’s Talking Points section today, and you will see a theme developing: The latest bin Laden tape is a fraud created by the United States to whip up war support. Most of the writers with this opinion indicate the earlier audio tapes were fakes as well. No mention is made that terrorist attacks followed both of those releases last fall. Addresses vary, with the largest portion from Britain (understandably) but substantial numbers from Canada and the U.S. Why?

If you think I’m going to chime in with the “American image abroad” crowd saying we are not winning the propaganda war, you’re sadly mistaken. These are all writers from free democracies who should not need any “propaganda” efforts from the U.S. I lay the blame squarely on the liberal leadership of each nation. You don’t like the Bush administration’s policies? Fine. You vehemently oppose action against Iraq? That can be justified. You want to exercise all your political might to stop a war? That’s your right. But when you start encouraging mistrust, conspiracies and a complete untethering from the real world to energize activists, you are betraying your responsibilities as a political leader. Here in the states, we have Democratic senators who vote in favor of a war resolution on Iraq, then come out claiming Bush hasn’t “made the case” for war. How much more cynical can you get? Other Democrats slyly question the authenticity of administration intelligence and openly scoff at clear-cut ties between Saddam and al Qaeda from multiple sources, including liberal journalists who have investigated the stories themselves. This encourages those whose fires burn hot but dim to jump on any event as evidence of the Bush administration’s “duplicity.” If America is really “creating” bin Laden tapes and falsifying evidence of Iraqi chemical and biological weapons, how much farther of a leap is it to believe America knew about 9-11? Assisted in 9-11?

These ridiculous fantasies aren’t the result of anything Bush or America in general has done, they are the fruits of irresponsible leadership on the left, a leadership which apparently believes it can’t win the debate on the facts or morality, so instead it sinks into the delirium of conspiratorial paranoia.

A question to leaders of the left: If, indeed, you cannot make a strong, sensible case against the war on terrorism based on principle and truth, do you suppose that maybe - just maybe - you are wrong?

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