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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Got their priorities straight

Twenty-one people die in a stampede from a nightclub (under court order to be closed) after “security guards” shower a crowded dance floor with pepper spray and block the exits. Now, people are “innocent until proven guilty” and all that, but on the face of things, the owners and management and security guards would seem to be the ones properly held accountable for these deaths, right? Nope. “Black leaders” have formed a wall of defense around the club owner because of his wealth, family connections and skin color. The charge being made is that the deaths are the responsibility of - you guessed it, local Chicago officials. It was their job to catch the club owner disobeying the court order, their job to stop him from running an illegal (and deadly) enterprise. The city’s inspectors were negligent for not showing up during the evenings when the illegal upstairs club was open. The city’s building codes weren’t strict enough. Liquor enforcement (the owner was in the process of losing his liquor license for violations) was too slow. Police are to blame for not providing extra officers to combat violence around the dance club which wasn’t supposed to be open in the first place. The owner may not have done a very good job, to be sure, but it’s the city’s responsibility to discover his inadequacies and stop him.

First, this perfectly illustrates whom the “black leaders” - most visibly Jesse Jackson - actually care about: themselves, and the sewer pipe of money which flows into their cesspools. Twenty-one dead African-Americans is apparently a small price to pay for the opportunity to receive hush money from a negligent, but rich, black “entrepreneur.”

Second, if the narrative above sounds familiar, it should be. It’s the same as the one currently used by those who place the responsibility of Iraqi disarmament on the United Nations inspection process, rather than the “proprietor” of the weapons, Saddam Hussein. And when those weapons are used and people die, you can be sure that the United States will be held to blame for not “supporting the inspections.” It’s never the responsibility of the criminal to these people; it’s always the responsibility of the cop.

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