Along the Tracks

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Condensed version

The Washington Post opens with the stunner of the morning: Colin Powell’s presentation has convinced Mary McGrory that war may be the only option!

The Detroit Free Press was also impressed by the “reluctant warrior,” and has moved from against military force to a call for an endorsing resolution from the U.N.

The Cincinnati Post, previously on board for military action, adds that Powell’s detailed indictment is a crossroads for U.N. relevance.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer also sees the presentation as a challenge to the United Nations’ commitment to its own resolutions.

Finally, the Toledo Blade - one of America’s worst newspapers - must have not only missed Powell’s presentation yesterday, but the entire past week of allies lining up behind the United States, claiming its “the United States and maybe the United Kingdom” versus the world on the war issue, all while musing about where Saddam might be willing to go into exile (Toledo, the editors say, is “too cold”).

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