Along the Tracks

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Condensed version

Some editors are beginning to take their roles as public instructors seriously. The Washington Post today presents some of the history of terrorism and America's past responses (negotiation and retreat, generally) - and why President Bush is right to follow a new paradigm of breaking up the network, using force where necessary.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer notes how great the danger of terrorism inside our borders remains.

On a related note, the Cincinnati Post defends the politically-correct cancellation of "Paradise," a play about two teen-age girls - one Jewish, one Palestinian - and how their lives intersect in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Akron Beacon Journal uses the latest bin Laden tape to press its claim cities need more federal money for counterterrorism.

The Toledo Blade looks at federal recommendations for home preparedness (in case of terror attack) with skepticism, but admits such suggestions are better than nothing.

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