Along the Tracks

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Condensed version

In the Washington Post, Richard Cohen pulls no punches on Dennis Kucinich and the anti-war movement’s unthinking acceptance of lies.

The Akron Beacon Journal praises Sen. George Voinovich for slipping into recent legislation a ban on gas and oil drilling under Lake Erie and slams Gov. Bob Taft for not doing so, as he promised, sooner - but continues to avoid any compelling argument as to why such a ban is necessary.

The Cincinnati Post wonders what the mission will be for nearly 2,000 troops sent to the Philipines, now that the Filipino government has said they will not be used in combat.

The Lima News surprisingly takes its stand against war with Iraq, and asks a series of questions it says the president needs to answer before commiting troops to combat.

Finally, the Cleveland Plain Dealer looks for ways to plug the “brain drain” sucking well-educated young people from northeast Ohio.

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