Along the Tracks

Friday, February 21, 2003

Condensed version

In the Washington Post, Richard Cohen rolls his eyes at what American pop culture hath wrought: Zora and Evan (or Joe?).

The Cleveland Plain Dealer tears into the Ohio legislature for passing a “budget fix” which leaves much of the deficit intact.

The Cincinnati Post draws parallels between the United Nations and defunct League of Nations to point out the dangers of diplomatic eloquences backed by inaction.

The Detroit News praises the Bush initiative to develop a Western Hemisphere free-trade zone, but notes one major obstacle is American subsidization of agriculture.

The Toledo Blade - one of America’s worst newspapers - chooses today to print a diatribe against military contractor “offset agreements” with foreign countries, calling them “bribes,” and complaining they cost jobs (“4,200 manufacturing jobs ... during the 1990s”) even though the contractors say that, without overseas purchases, they would most likely lay off thousands on lines that would otherwise be unneeded.

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