Along the Tracks

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Condensed version

In the Washington Post, Zbigniew Brzezinski blames the Bush administration for losing worldwide good will after 9/11 and calls for a slowed, step-by-step U.N. process toward Iraq’s disarmament or, failing that, war.

The Akron Beacon Journal politely dissects the career and positions of northeast Ohio “populist” Dennis Kucinich.

In the Dayton Daily News, Martin Gottlieb offers an insightful explanation of the terms “liberal” and “conservative.”

The Cleveland Plain Dealer considers the “what if” scenarios of an Iraq war.

Finally, the Toledo Blade praises the pro-Saddam, er, “peace” marchers of last weekend for standing against “carpet bombing” innocent civilians, as if that is the war plan.

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