Along the Tracks

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Condensed version

The Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram (noticed by Glenn Reynolds, thanks!) features Molly Ivins in her, er, unique style defending the French against the recent (and rather mild) popularity of “frog-bashing.” (Side note: Ivins has at least one “stunner” in each column. This week’s candidate is that colonialism was “a greater horror than Stalinism or Nazism.”)

The Akron Beacon Journal wishes George Bush was more like Tony Blair.

The Detroit Free Press criticizes the Republican welfare reform bill for lacking increased funding, even though far fewer people are receiving benefits.

The Lima News would rather see no tax hike to balance Ohio’s budget, but if one must come, it would prefer a temporary sales tax increase.

Finally, in the Indianapolis Star, Tim Swarens says today’s peace protesters are just as wrong as those who marched against Roosevelt’s efforts to aid Britain prior to America’s official entry into World War II.

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