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Friday, January 03, 2003

Why does Egypt hate us?

This may seem to be a question out of the blue, but I believe it is precisely the question Sen. Pat Murray and her ilk need to answer before they continue on their “defend the terrorists” tour. Victor Davis Hanson got me thinking about this subject once again, i.e., Murray’s recent “trial balloon” that the Arab Street loves Osama bin Laden because he built schools and roads and “day care facilities” for the poor, Western-oppressed masses. Set aside for a moment that this claim is a crock - Osama’s charitable efforts were well-calculated to attract followers to his true murderous causes.
(Aside: Day care facilities? I can’t get over that one, considering Osama’s strict Wahabbism doesn’t even allow women out of the house without a male chaperone, let alone encourage the two-income families which would create a need for day care. Does Murray even know what fundamentalist Islamists believe? Apparently not, and if not, what business in God’s green earth does she have making votes on foreign [or for that matter, domestic] policy issues?!)
Let’s instead look only at the premise - that Western aid could “buy off” the indigent masses and create a reservoir of goodwill for America. As a counterpoint, I present ... Egypt. The land of the Sphynx receives American aid second only to Israel. Yet, al Qaeda’s No. 2 honcho, Al-Zwahari, is an Egyptian, and a highly-educated one who benefited from Western compassion, at that. Egypt remains a hotbed of anti-Western discontent. Some of the most vile anti-American and anti-Israeli rhetoric comes from Egyptian imans, Egyptian media and Egyptian television. Worries about the “Arab Street” usually focus on Egypt. So $2 billion in annual aid to Egypt has purchased us precisely ... nothing. What excuses do Murray and her cohorts have for this obvious dead black fly in their liberal, compassionate ointment?
All I’ve ever heard is bait and switch: Oh, well Egyptians hate us because of our support for Israel, or because of our presence in Saudi Arabia, or because of our actions against Saddam Hussein, or because of Egypt’s own brutal, totalitarian regime which we support. The answer to these objections is simple: Then it really isn’t the money, is it? So your entire defense of Osama and critique of the U.S. is nothing but a sham. Why, oh why, Ms. Murray, do you profess this bogus vulgarity in the first place?
We know why. Because Murray and her crew actually support the ends (if not the means) of the terrorists - American withdrawal from the Middle East, abandonment of Israel, and the payment of “protection” money to the fundamentalists themselves to avoid unfortunate “accidents.” In other words, they favor appeasement. America bad, Islamists good.
Lott was demoted for disgusting comments that were foolish but had no possibility of affecting policy in modern America. Murray is getting a pass on comments that were foolish and give aid to the enemy during war, while insulting the memory of the thousands killed by the man she praises.
Double standard, anyone?

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