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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

One more to read

Tom Friedman has produced another classic of insight into the Middle Eastern mind. This one skewers all the liberal slogan-arguments against action in Iraq, pointing out such action is part of the war on terrorism and freeing “captive peoples” is a legitimate (and liberal) goal, or at least should be. Friedman closes with a real grabber that explains why we need to be deeply involved in what goes on in the Muslim world: “if you don’t visit a bad neighborhood, it will visit you.”

On Sunday, he’ll be taking on conservatives who underestimate the risks of action in Iraq. I have no doubt it, too, will make excellent points, but I think this accusation of “underestimating the risks” is basically liberal fodder; the “cakewalk” claims deal specifically with military action itself, not the overall reconstruction of Iraq and the Arab world - and even people who believe in the “cakewalk” invasion admit we must be prepared for something far more bloody and treacherous. But, Tom’s got to keep his liberal props, at least if he wants to write for the New York Times.

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