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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Oh Broward, Where Art Thou?

Kind of getting a kick out of the controversy surrounding Broward County (Fla.) Supervisor of Elections Miriam Oliphant. Besides the September primary fiasco in that county we already knew about, it now seems there were hundreds of uncounted absentee ballots, hidden away in one of her office drawers. The state has already reprimanded her for poor execution of her duties and various unseemly actions (hiring relatives of staff, giving contracts to relatives of staff, etc.), and the county auditor has noted major failures in handling office finances. It turns out Gov. Jeb Bush has the power to fire her, but he’s waiting for the completion of another investigation before making the call. Meanwhile, there’s an e-mail campaign calling for the governor to give her the ax immediately.

Broward County, of course, was one of the hotspots of the 2000 election recounts, and Democrats at the time (tossing in the old “Bush stole the election” accusation) said they were going to clean up that county. Indeed, Oliphant won her position in that very election. On her office’s website, Oliphant notes the “infamous” problems that year and promises, “The integrity of the elections process in Broward County will never come into question again.”

Not surprisingly, Oliphant is a Democrat. Yes, that’s right, Democrats ran the “infamous” process in Broward County in 2000, and continue to run it today. And they try to blame the problems on the Bush brothers. Puh-leeez!

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