Along the Tracks

Monday, January 06, 2003

Good call, GOP!

The Republican National Committee has chosen New York City to host its 2004 Presidential Nominating Convention. One of Bush's greatest moments - perhaps the moment in which, in the eyes of many tearful, skeptical Americans, George W. Bush became president - took place on the Friday after 9/11, when Bush stood on the fender of a busted firetruck, arm around an old fireman, and shouted to the emotionally exhausted workers: "I hear you. The world hears you. And soon, the people who did this will hear from all of us." The reprise in 2004 will be a spotlight on "Bush the President" - something the Democrats, led by "New Yorkers" Bill and Hilary Clinton, gift-wrapped for GWB by taking the money and running to Boston.

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