Along the Tracks

Monday, January 13, 2003

Condensed version

The Washington Post calls last year a wash for Afghanistan, since it never “achieved the stability it so desperately needs” but didn’t plunge “into chaos” - still, this year could be worse!

The New York Times twists Illinois Gov. George Ryan’s death sentence commutations - which he says were based on a faulty system peculiar to Illinois - into a “re-education” of the conservative governor.

The Washington Times sees the Maryland moratorium on executions established last year by outgoing Gov. Glendening - and rejected by incoming Gov. Ehrlich - as purely political, and failed politics at that.

In questioning the wisdom of the House GOP plan automatically increasing the debt ceiling with budget bills, the Toledo Blade - one of America’s worst newspapers - reminds us that the people who “pays (sic) the cost” of tax cuts are taxpayers! - while failing to note that people who pay the cost of taxes are taxpayers, too.

Sunday’s Cleveland Plain Dealer, in a paternalistic tour de force, claims poor people may be incapable of home ownership, and therefore should be housed in rental projects. (No, I’m not kidding!)

The Indianapolis Star calls on Indiana to enter the 20th Century (I know it’s the 21st Century now - remember, this is Indiana, so one step at a time) and join the rest of the United States by adopting Daylight Savings Time.

And finally, the LA Times offers a touching obituary to No. 2 - not Dr. Evil’s henchman, rather the last of the original wolves transplanted to Yellowstone Park in the mid ‘90s.

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