Along the Tracks

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Condensed version

The lead editorial in the Washington Post says President Bush has unilaterally declared war! (On the Democrats, that is.)

The New York Times’ Bob Herbert argues against trying to create jobs for the long-term unemployed, preferring government checks instead.

One of America’s worst newspapers, The Toledo Blade, says Congress should immediately get to work on unemployment benefits extension - oh, wait, they already passed that!

The Akron Beacon Journal at least notices that Congress did pass unemployment extension, then tosses its lot with Bob Herbert - don’t create jobs, just send checks!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune tries to interpret frightening dreams which, it claims, are shared by George Bush and Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf - throngs of Islamic protesters; the problem is, the nightmare came true, but its supposed portents seem more imaginary.

The LA Times takes a look at the California state budget crisis and assures us that, despite “no details,” this time Gray Davis is being serious. Really. Cross their hearts. Honestly. No kidding. Trust them (and him).

Meanwhile, on the positive side, Norah Vincent dumps the slogans and brings intelligence to the abortion issue.

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