Along the Tracks

Friday, January 31, 2003

Condensed version

Give the Washington Post’s Michael Kinsley credit for taking on the tough job most liberals would shy away from - parsing the president’s specific arguments in the State of the Union address (rather than the more common partisan bickering); as always, Kinsley does it well.

The Detroit News praises President Bush’s sales job on Iraq which resulted in Thursday’s letter of support from eight European allies, but seems to think the accusation of “unilateralism” first reared its ugly head Tuesday night, after the SOTU speech!

Across the hallway, the Detroit Free Press says the president’s AIDS-fighting proposal is okay, but only if he relinquishes control and spends the money with the favored Global Fund.

Hard-hit Lima finds its News editors full-bore in favor of the Bush plan for tax cuts and economic stimulus.

Finally getting around to the SOTU for the first time, the Toledo Blade - one of America’s worst newspapers - strings together its usual collection of diversions (“’pre-emptive war’ casts aside 200 years of international law”), half-truths (“Bush continues to talk loosely about Iraqi links with al-Qaeda”) and out-and-out lies (“The ‘smoking gun,’ promised time and again, is yet to be found.” When was it ever promised? In any case, how much more than thiodiglycol does the Blade need?) to argue for keeping Saddam’s boot on the throat of the Iraqi people and gun pointed at the head of the world community.

Sorry about that last one - kinda long, but they got my dander up, daggumit!

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