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Monday, December 16, 2002

When Johnny comes marching home

This is why Josh Marshall is one of the best. Remember when I asked what business Lott had talking to Southern Partisan magazine in 1984? Well, it turns out Attorney General John Ashcroft offered them a bubbly interview in 1998! And it has the not-so-subtle praise for states’ rights and the Confederacy that make most of us gag reflexively. I think Ashcroft has done a very good job as attorney general, but unless he disavows the cozying up to Southern Partisan and its co-supremecists, he should step down too.

P.S. - Again, why do we not hear about this stuff when it happens? Methinks the Washington media establishment is too close to the people it covers, and doesn’t want to embarrass them or, at least, burn potential sources for scoops and inside information. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

P.P.S. - This Ashcroft revelation also shows just how damaging Lott is to the GOP - and will continue to be as long as he remains Majority Leader. Somewhere, Josh Marshall is sitting under an old lamp going through back issues of Southern Partisan, looking for prominent Republican interviewees. That’s not because he’s liberal, it’s because he’s good; he knows the story is no longer just Lott, it’s the long-standing efforts of some Republicans to attract the votes of racists. Until there is a full repudiation of the strategy, epitomized by the eviction of Lott, this story is - and should remain - front and center.

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