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Monday, December 02, 2002

Mohammed: Grandfather of Democracy

Mohammed the “father of democracy”? That’s apparently what Ana McDonald thinks - or grandfather, at least.

According to McDonald (citing a book by Karen Armstrong), Mohammed’s grandson actually let people criticize him, and looked for input from others before making a decision - that’s good enough for McDonald to claim Islamic primacy in our own founding ideals. Of course, she conveniently ignores ancient Greece, where true democracy started 1,000 years before the Prophet.

Oh, wait, it’s not necessarily “democracy” itself that is founded in Islam, but rather, the ideal of “equality.” You know, the equality “Osama bin Laden, Yasser Arafat and yes, even Saddam Hussein strive for ....” Let’s see, in the system they “strive for,” women are entitled to equal beatings for exposed ankles, all children are entitled to an equal education of memorizing the Koran in Arabic - even if they don’t understand (and never actually learn) Arabic, and all “jihadists” have the equal responsibility to kill Jews, Christians and Americans. I’m sure that is what Jefferson, Madison, Adams and Franklin were all “striving for” too.

Such laughable idiocy is actually respected in many liberal circles. And even if the twisted claims and myopic defense of Islamic extremism - or in Saddam’s case, secular fascism - are not taken at face value, the basic theme - Islam good, West bad - most certainly is.

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