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Friday, December 20, 2002

The Democrats’ big chance

Wow, Lott is stepping down and the righteous battle for liberty and equal opportunity inside the Republican Party has been won by the good guys. The Dems have lost their billyclub, and if the GOP plays its cards right by putting together a conservative agenda for racial equality, the Party of Lincoln could very well come through this stronger. Republicans have also claimed some important moral high ground by cleansing themselves of one of their own, without Democratic demogogic interference.

So what can the Dems do now?

Well, Sen. Pat Murray has decided to offer her party a great opportunity to show it’s just as self-corrective as the Republicans. Murray has come out calling for America to follow the al Qaeda blueprint in “helping” the poor peoples of the world - well, sort of. She didn’t have the guts to say precisely that’s what she believes, only that we should ask ourselves the question. You know, kind of like Lott saying maybe “we wouldn’t have had all these problems” if we had stuck with segregation.

This is just the latest example of the anti-American, blame-the-victims, root-cause defense of terrorism. And it is revolting. The Post-Intelligencer attempts a nice liberal-media slight of hand in the article that is laughable in its audacity: The reporter interviews a “terrorism expert” about whether what Murray said was true, i.e., did Osama bin Laden and his operatives engage in nation-building while America watched people wallow in despair? The expert does his best, saying Murray’s claim is “mostly accurate.” But the defense seems a bit feeble. Since 1988, bin Laden has apparently been on a mission to “build schools, roads and even homes for widows of those killed by the Soviets in Afghanistan” - apart, of course, from his mission to kill Americans (which he has arguably had more success at). How noble. But tell me, how many of those “schools” are indoctination madrasas? How many are terrorist training camps? How many are chemical weapons labs? How many of those “roads” make access to the camps and labs easy? How many lead to Tora Bora? How many lead across the border to tribal Pakistan? How many provided arteries of connection for the Taliban forces so they could effectively battle the disparate warlords? And after all that “nation-building” by bin Laden, was Afghanistan some sort of Islamic paradise before we ruined it all with our bombing and overthrow of the Taliban and al Qaeda?

Disgusting comments like Murray’s are extremely insensitive to the families of those killed in terrorist attacks, as well as all Americans, who are, after all, the deciding voice in our government. These “questions” are equivalent to defense of mass murderers: “Sure, Hitler killed millions, and we’re not defending that, but he sure did a great job building up the German economy, eh? We ought to think about that ....” What?!

Murray also displays a condescending racism, precisely what George W. Bush has described as the “soft bigotry of low expectations.” Poor peoples should be excused for coddling terrorists and professing hideous ideologies, because they are Muslims, obviously backward from the get-go. They should not be held responsible for their own actions, let alone for allowing, assisting or praising the actions of someone like bin Laden.

Such statements are reprehensible on so many levels I’d need an elevator to do a trashing of Murray justice.

Even so, her backward bigotry provides an opportunity for Democrats to censure her, as they propose censuring Lott. Think there’s a Frosty’s chance in a foundry that they will?

Me either.

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