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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Baby steps: Nice job, keep going

On Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds offers praise to the Muslim Public Affairs Council for its criticism of Saudi financial contributions accepted by American Muslim groups. On that subject, MPAC appears to be accepting that such funding is, at the least, a public relations problem.

However, investigate the site a little and you’ll find out 9-11 would never have happened if only - come on now, you know what’s next! - America had ended all support of Israel. So according to MPAC, once again its those damn dirty Jews fouling things up. Indeed, in one “commentary” by Paul Findley (a former congressman from Illinois), we are told “the West Bank and Gaza Strip have become giant concentration camps.” Nice touch, no?

Somehow, Findley argues suspension of all aid to Israel would help the war on terrorism. Yet the reader is left to wonder, why would we need a “war on terrorism” at all if our betrayal of Israel is the cause of 9/11 and all related acts of terror? With aid suspension, we could kill two birds with one stone: Islamic terrorism against America and the State of Israel. What a bargain!

Similar items on the “marginalization” of Muslims in America and the “lie” of a just war to remove Saddam Hussein from his tyrranical reign in Iraq can also be found. It’s a wonderful display of victimhood.

I’m not faulting Glenn here; every small step toward sensibility deserves public approval, if for no other reason but to strengthen the dissidents willing to step outside the Muslim organizations’ party line. But it also doesn’t hurt to point out how far even the “moderate” groups have to go.

P.S. - You really should visit the “Commentary” section of MPAC’s site. It’s an anti-Israel (some borderline anti-Semitic), anti-Western war (the Islamists and Palestinians can apparently fight all they want), revisionist, delusional buffet!

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