Along the Tracks

Friday, November 29, 2002

United with us

The Washington Post story on the terrorist attacks against Israelis in Kenya yesterday featured an important quote (way down in the story, unfortunately) that shows much of what I and others have been saying about residents of the Third World is true: They love America for what it stands for, appreciate the investment - and determined grit - of Israel, and want to become closer to the West, not wallow in squalor forced upon them by corrupt leadership, or worse, move antagonistically further from the ideals the West espouses, through domination by Islamic fanatics.

The reporter was interviewing villagers at the town where the Israelis thought they were enjoying a respite from the constant threat of terror in their own country. During the discussion, a group of them started shouting, "We love America. Go away al Qaeda."

Are the leftists - who defend the Islamic murderers overpowering these innocent men and women caught in the middle - listening?

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