Along the Tracks

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Still waiting ...

Tonight, it will be three weeks since the arrest of the accused Washington snipers, John Allen Mohammad and John Malvo. My question: Why do we still know so little about them? Sure, we know a few things - they were homeless, Malvo is a quiet kid and a Jamaican immigrant, Malvo may have been the shooter in several deaths, Mohammad is a Gulf War vet who has been credited with some anti-American statements, he has made a number of international trips despite his supposed poverty. Still, why have the national media largely ignored this story - the accused snipers' background? Why no scoops on Malvo's previous life in Jamaica? Why no stories from fellow soldiers on Muhammad's army service? Why nothing on all those international trips? Why no investigation of apparent anti-Semitic views, since they are accused of shooting into a synogogue?

I hate to say it, but it seems like the national media is intentionally finding and presenting nothing more because of one big thing we do know: Mohammad, in some way at least (note the name), was Muslim. There are apparently certain journalistic paths no one dares follow in deferrence to PC ideals of courtesy to non-Judeo-Christian beliefs. That, I fear, is why we are in the dark.

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